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Product of the Month - Archive

May 2017

Product of The Month
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Kim Lighting AFL10 LED Architectural Floodlight

With a timeless architectural form factor and a 30 year reputation for unprecedented quality and performance, the AFL10 has now been upgraded to LED.

    Features and Benefits:
  • 20 to 40% increase in lumen output over HID version
  • 34 to 152% increase in max candela over HID
  • 30% improvement in uniformity
  • Easy to install LED retrofit kits available
  • Unique swivel mount provides superior aiming without loosening over time
  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • Wide Flood, Vertical Flood, and Narrow Flood Distributions
  • IP66 sealed optical chamber
  • Integral cooling ribs for efficient heat transfer
  • Multitude of mounting options
  • Energy savings up to 54%

AFL 10 brochure

AFL10 specification page

April 2017

Product of The Month
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Litecontrol's Inde-Pendant 32L

Are you looking to make a statement with your lights? Then look no further than Litecontrol's Inde-Pendant 32L family of decorative Ring & Cylinder fixture combinations. A blend of artistry and functionality, the Inde-Pendant 32L is an inspiration that establishes a new standard for value, performance and aesthetic in the marketplace of discrete pendants.

An extruded aluminum Ring with a minimalistic form factor housing a flexible LED source, in 20", 30" and 40" diameters combined with a compact direct or direct/indirect Cylinder that includes concentric layers of light with a frosted and clear glass effect, the Inde-Pendant 32L provides lighting designers and specifiers the flexibility to build the look they want.

A powered suspension system and recessed j-box with a die cast aluminum canopy interface makes for a clean, elegant look with seamless transition in to the ceiling plane.

With VI Technology standard here is Litecontrol's Inde-Pendants 32L presenting you with the independence to choose.

To learn more...

Product Page

Product Sell Sheet

February 2017

Product of The Month
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Cultivaire™ (CGS)
Horticultural Light

from Hubbell Industrial Lighting is a full spectrum white LED grow light

With an input wattage of only 425W producing a PPF output of 700+ µmol/s (micro mols per sec), the CGS is a one-for-one cost effective replacement of 600W to 1000W HID.

It is available in three light recipes, Vegetative, Flowering and General Spectrum, each of which supports plant growth while providing comfortable light for human vision.

Ideal for use in commercial grow houses, hydroponic farms, research facilities and universities the CGS comes with 0-10V dimming standard that allows the light output to be adjusted to suit plant requirements.

To learn more...

Product Page

Product Sell Sheet

January 2017

Large & Small Spectra by Architectural Area Lighting Decorative Post-Top LED for Outdoor Site Lighting
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Large & Small Spectra by Architectural Area Lighting
Decorative Post-Top LED for Outdoor Site Lighting

The Spectra family is designed to enhance contemporary environments during the day while producing comfortable illumination at night. The beauty & elegance of Spectra is complemented with flexibility to specify size, finish and optics to complement a design scheme. Select between four hood styles with options for natural copper and stainless steel finishes. Type 2, 3, 4 & 5 distributions are available in 3000K, 4200K & 5100K. Spectra mounting options include post top, arm mount & wall mount with matching decorative elements. Spectra is also available in bollard format for pedestrian scale applications.

The Spectra LED stands above other contemporary lanterns available on the market today. The quality tested AAL design provides a lifetime of energy efficient, trouble free operation and a long lasting LED optical system that is constructed to IP65 standards.

  • IP65 optical system
  • Internal surge protection
  • 120-277 AC input voltage at 50/60Hz
  • Upgrade Kit available for existing installations
  • LifeShield™ thermal protection system

Spectra Large:

Spectra Small:

Spectra Bollard:

December 2016

Product of The Month
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Hubbell Industrial Triple H highbay/lowbay luminaire

When you need a high output, high efficacy highbay/lowbay luminaire for use in a high ambient environment consider Hubbell Industrial's Triple H. With outputs ranging from 15,000 lumens to 60,000 lumens, the Triple H is a wet location luminaire rated for a full 650C without having to pull back output, NO EXCUSES!

Available in three lowbay versions (15,000 lumens, 22,000 lumens and 30,000 lumens) and three highbay versions (30,000 lumens, 45,000 lumens and 60,000 lumens), with an efficacy up to 141 lumens per watt, the Triple H is an ideal for replacing existing 400 watt to 1000 watt HID luminaires in most arduous industrial environments.

Multiple lens, wire guards, mountings and controls options, makes the Triple H a versatile choice in small warehouses all the way up to large dirty factories.

Download Catalog

For more information visit:

Product of The Month
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Prescolite LBP6

LiteBox Plus is an entry level commercial downlight and wall wash targeting distributors and contractors that remain price sensitive to using LEDs for general downlighting applications. Comparable to 26 and 32 watt CFL, the LBP6 is available in 3 lumen outputs, 4 CCT color choices, wet listed and comes standard 90+ CRI, with 0-10V and 120V Triac dimming.

The LiteBox Plus LBP6 is ENERGY STAR® Qualified and qualifies for utility rebates where applicable.

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For more information visit:

November 2016

Product of The Month
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Beacon Slide - Decorative Post-Top LED

The versatile Beacon Slide was created as a flexibility LED Post Top Lighting. Designed in a timeless spherical form, choose from 3 different top shades, 3 LED wattages, and 6 different full cutoff lighting distributions making it an ideal solution for the urban settings, educational, medical and pedestrian applications.

Within the die cast aluminum components is found the LifeShield thermal regulator protecting the luminaire from excessive temperature by interfacing with the 0-10V dimmable drivers to reduce drive current as necessary.

Download Catalog

For more information visit: or contact Hubbell Canada

October 2016

Product of The Month
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Hubbell Outdoor Lighting's FSL & FML series floodlights

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting's sleek and stylish FML (medium) & FSL (small) series provide energy-efficient floodlighting solutions at affordable pricing. These powerful, ultra compact floodlights with wide NEMA 6x6 beam distribution make them a versatile choice for landscaping, safety/security, facade, area or sign lighting.

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified, FSL & FML are built with die-cast aluminum housing & 1/2" threaded adjustable knuckle for both durable and flexible installation with operating temperature rating of -35C to 40C.

Spec Sheets:

September 2016

Product of The Month
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Columbia Lighting's MPL MegaPlane Industrial LED

Columbia Lighting's MPL MegaPlane Industrial LED linear suspended luminaire not only has the looks but also the performance needed for many lowbay and highbay lighting applications.

With output from 6,000 lumens up to 24,000 lumens it can be used to light warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centres, as well it comes with a high reflectance baked enamel reflector in standard white, black or custom color that gives it a unique look making it a great choice to light many retail and big box store environments. Optimal aisle lighting performance is possible with its TIR directional linear optics and a decorative frosted acrylic drop lens is available with the wide distribution option to reduce glare.

Available in 4' and 8' lengths, multiple lumen packages and various mounting options there is one there for your picking for your next lighting upgrade or new construct.

July/August 2016

Product of The Month
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Beacon Wireless Control Technology

Beaconnect wireless control system is comprised of a wireless mesh network of luminaires allowing user access to all luminaires from a single location. Beaconnect enabled luminaires arrive to the site pre-programmed and ready to install with the flexibility to modify the schedules in the field at any time. This eliminates the cost and complication of field commissioning by factory experts. All luminaires can be scheduled or synchronized by time, motion sensor or photocell as well as segregated by group and zone.

Additional key features include:

  • Each installation shall be supplied with a Graphical User Interface software and USB bridge node to wirelessly interface and configure the luminaires.
  • The system shall operate independently without fixed external control equipment (routers, servers, access points, etc.).
  • If required, luminaires can be shipped pre-commissioned from the factory - the only effort required in the field is to install in the correct locations and update the time and date wirelessly.
  • For security purposes, system shall not be capable of Internet connectivity. To allow for segregation of proximate networks, control system shall support use of 16 channels at 2.4 Ghz, and support use of encryption.
  • Beaconnect offers diagnostic capabilities including PCB temperature, dimming voltage (where applicable), DC voltage and current readings. Estimated power and energy measurements shall be available.
  • Luminaires shall offer optional PIR motion sensors integrated with the wireless control system. Each sensor may be engaged to control its host fixture; or satellite luminaires within its group, or up to four motion zones, or the entire network

April 2016

Product of The Month
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Utilibay LED Highbay

Hubbell Industrial Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of its Utilibay LED Highbay. With its industry leading lumens per dollar, the UTB is a light duty round LED highbay ideal for use in warehouses, light manufacturing, retails and gymnasiums. Available in two outputs... a medium 18,000 lumens and a high 28,000 lumens with an efficacy up to 122 lumens per watt, the UTB also comes with a choice of five reflectors and three lenses. Its light weight construction makes for an easy install and its symmetrical design ensures consistent installed results... always. For performance, versatility and pricing consider the UTB for your next project.

February 2016

Product of The Month
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A.A.L. Kick

Contemporary design and form combine to deliver high performance lighting where it matters most.

The essence of the lower profile LED luminaire has evolved to the next generation with KicKTM. The integration of the pole and luminaire in one bold angular design brings power and emotion into architectural site lighting. KicKTM combines a handsome timeless day form and night-time precision optics to deliver a truly elegant low glare experience for pedestrian scale solutions on walkways, building entrances, and paths.

Brochure | Specification Sheet

January 2016

Product of The Month
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Product of The Month Product of The Month
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LXEN Narrow LED Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaire

Columbia Lighting is pleased to announce the addition of the newest member to its enclosed and gasketed LED luminaire family... the narrow LXEN.

At 4-1/2" wide, the 4' long LXEN provides a slim, linear profile, which fits easily into confined spaces, provides excellent illumination, and comes standard with the certifications required for rough service applications.

With four LED colour choices, long life L80 (L eighty) of 60,000 hours, IP65 (I P sixty five) and IP67 (I P sixty seven) standard rating and F1 weatherability, the UL Sanitation NSF certified LXEN is designed to serve rugged to severe environments including food service areas.

Available from 2,000 to 4,300 lumens, with efficacy up to 122 lumens per watt and a choice of drivers and other options, consider the LXEN when you next need a cost effective solution to light harsh areas with limited mounting space.

IFC (In-Fixture Controller)

Are you looking to add control devices to existing lights but are not too excited about the prospect of having to break up circuits and pull additional wires to do this?

Look no further than Hubbell Building Automation's In-Fixture Controller or as it is popularly known... the IFC.

Installed directly inside the fixture the IFC is a device that provides code compliant, standalone, programmable fixture control for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lighting control applications.

With built-in daylight sensor, passive infrared occupancy sensor and time clock, the IFC is equipped to provide up to 4 amps of control capabilities for any 120 to 480 volt AC indoor or outdoor fixture.

The device can be commissioned using a Bluetooth® enabled Android tablet or smart phone through the IFC Programming App available for download free of charge from the Google Play Store. If you are looking to dim the lights using a standard 0 to 10V control signal or turn them On or Off to comply with the today's ever evolving stringent energy codes, HBA's IFC is your answer.

November 2015

rectangular LED ceiling or wall
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LunaBay LBX
[ click image to view a larger size ]
Mini LunaBay
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rectangular LED ceiling or wall

If you are looking for an indoor architectural linear LED luminaire with a classic rectangular form and a wide range of light distribution choices then Alera Lighting's LP7 is the one you want to consider. The versatile 7" Plank LED with its different up and down light combinations, choice of lumen packages and integrated control options makes it an ideal fit for many indoor spaces. Whether hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall you are sure to find a unique combination of the LP7 that meets your specific lighting needs.



LunaBay and Mini LunaBay LBS

Hubbell Canada would like to introduce you to the LunaBay LBX and the Mini LunaBay LBS from Hubbell Industrial. With lumen outputs available from 5,300 lumens to over 23,000 lumens these decorative LED highbays are designed for use in gymnasiums, atriums, light industrial and retail environments. With its reflector and lens options providing a low-glare smooth even distribution, multiple lumen packages and different housing colours, the LunaBay is an attractive choice in many high ceiling indoor lighting applications. Get to know them.



October 2015

Food Processing LED Highbay
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Food Processing LED Highbay

Hubbell Canada is pleased to introduce the Food Processing LED Highbay from its Hubbell Industrial brand. With a cast aluminum housing that has a smooth exterior with no exposed fasteners and non-glass lens options, the FPH is UL Sanitation listed for use in food processing facilities that require a well sealed highbay that is hose down compliant and capable of replacing 400 watt metal halide highbays one-to-one while providing in excess of 50% energy savings. Whether you are looking to upgrade the lighting in a meat packaging plant or building a new dairy processing facility consider Hubbell's FPH LED Highbay.

May 2015

ArcheType X Flood and Wall Luminaires
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ArcheType X Flood and Wall Luminaires

"Giving Lighting Design Back To The Specifier"

Kim Lighting is X-static to introduce the ArcheType X Flood and Wall Luminaires. In design, both the flood and the wall forms pay homage to Kim's iconic Archetype luminaire, forging a clear aesthetic distinction from today's more common LED flood and wall fixtures.

Expanding upon Kim's past innovation with targeted optics, the LEAR (Light Engine Adjustable Ready) module (an industry first!) takes this concept to a whole new stratosphere allowing the lighting designer 0-70° tilt and 355° of independent module rotation, precisely aiming the beam pattern to create any standard IES or custom Type "X" distribution. Type X distributions are created using the update to AGi32 Version 16.0 that will introduce a new feature called Design Isolines. AGi32 16.0 will be released just before LightFair International. LEAR allows for light distribution adjustment after product installation.

Features and Benefits:
  • Standard Kim distributions for Flood: NF, MF, WF, VF, SP, NS - horizontal and vertical mount
  • Standard Kim distributions for Wall: Up and Down options, Types 1-4, L, R, G, S, W
  • AGi32 v16.0 integration to create custom IES distributions
  • 0-70° tilt and 355° of independent module rotation
  • 3 tenon mounted sizes for flood and 3 quick mounted wall sizes with uplight or downlight configurations
  • 10° housing adjustment for Wall (-5 to +5) and 30° housing adjustment for Flood (-5 to +25)
The Complete ArcheType X Flood and Wall Support Sales Package Includes: The ArcheType X Flood and Wall families are available NOW for order with a standard 8-week lead-time. Area light Type X will launch in Q4 2015.
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